Vollumfängliche Leistungen – Hochzeitsreportagen

  • persönliche Vorbesprechung

  • Fotografie vor Ort – ganze Schweiz

  • sorgfältige Bildauswahl und Bildbearbeitung

  • Hochzeitsfotos in Druckauflösung auf einem USB-Stick

  • Web-Fotogalerie für eure Familie und Freunde

  • inkl. Fahrtkosten Schweiz


Persönliche Vorbesprechung – unverbindlich

Vor jeder Buchung gebe ich jedem Brautpaar die Möglichkeit mich (und auch meine Arbeit) bei einem Kaffee oder Feierabenddrink persönlich kennen zu lernen. Dazu lade ich euch in meinen Showroom ein oder komme auch gerne zu euch nach Hause. Bei grossen Entfernungen können wir uns auch in der Mitte treffen oder per Videochat miteinander reden.


Jedes Brautpaar und jede Hochzeit ist einzigartig! Darum berate ich jedes Brautpaar ganz persönlich und individuell. Ich gehe gerne auf eure Wünsche und Fragen ein und helfe euch bei eurer Tagesplanung! Dabei gebe ich euch gerne meine langjährige Erfahrung weiter.

Hochwertige Hochzeitsalben 

Neben der Hochzeitsreportage biete ich Hochzeitsalben in höchster Qualität an. Einmalig schön – man muss sie einmal in der Hand gehalten haben!




Am Wochenende biete ich während der Hauptsaison (Mai – Oktober) Hochzeitsreportagen ab 8 Stunden an. Der Preis beginnt bei CHF 2800 inkl. Fahrspesen für die ganze Schweiz. Kollektionsangebote (Reportage & Hochzeitsalbum) bewegen sich zwischen CHF 4000 und CHF 8000. Unter der Woche biete ich bereits 2-stündige Hochzeitsreportagen ab CHF 900 an. Weitere Informationen und eine Preisliste sende ich euch gerne per Email zu. Kontaktiert mich einfach dazu und ihr erhaltet in Kürze meine Unterlagen.


Häufig gestellte Fragen.​



Who really knows what a grain of rice looks like next to your underarm or bikini line? At The Naked Peach we ask, can you pinch the hair without pinching your skin? If so, you are most likely good to go for a wax! Coming in too early after shaving does not guarantee desirable wax results. It takes 3-4 weeks for the hairs to be in the stage for your most comfortable wax. No hair is too long (do not trim prior to your wax) Our hair grows in stages (see diagram below!) a full cycle is about every 28 days, which is why we stress waxing every 3-4 weeks. Each hair is at a different stage of the growth cycle at one time, this is why it takes a a few consistent waxes to get all of the hairs out together at once. The more often the hair is pulled, the less grip it has to the follicle, thus making it an easier removal with each consistent wax. Since the hair is being completely removed root and all, new hair growth is greatly reduced and grows in at a finer texture. When you shave or tweeze in between waxes, you throw off the hairs growth cycle, further irritating the follicles and creating the perfect scenario for an ingrown hair.


We hate them. We dread them. But sometimes, they happen. Instead of growing through the skin, the hair gets trapped behind a clogged pore and grows under the skin, spiraling beneath the surface causing irritation. Another cause for ingrown hairs is broken hair follicles, this happens when your hair and skin is too dry. It is important to maintain consistent aftercare recommended by your wax specialist to avoid ingrown hairs and irritation, keeping your skin and hair healthy and moisturized. If bacteria and dead skin enters the pores, it can cause an infected ingrown hair, resulting in pus at the site. This is why we at The Naked Peach stress avoiding any activities for 24 hours after your service that may hinder the quality of your wax - more about ingrown hair prevention in Aftercare.


False! A common spread myth in the hair removal world is that if you remove the hairs they will grow back more - this is scientifically impossible. Nothing has the ability to change a hairs pigment, thickness and growth. In relation to shaving: When shaving, the blade cuts a sharp edge, this is often at the hairs thickest point of the shaft, not only does this create a 'thick feeling' of stubble, it also appears darker. When waxing continuously, the actual direction of the follicle changes from the pulling in the opposite direction to the natural grain of the hair. This can result in a fluffier and softer than normal regrowth – not darker or thicker because of it.


Every 4-6 weeks for the best results. With frequent and consistent waxing you will experience less hair growth overtime. DO NOT SHAVE IN BETWEEN


Yes! It is considered generally safe to get waxed while pregnant (as for anything while pregnant, always be cleared by your doctor) Creating a little human is a lot of hard work. Shaving your bikini line and legs becomes nearly impossible as your belly grows, and due to hormones, hair grows at a greater speed. Lets be real, shaving while pregnant is just not an option, but prioritizing self care is. We encourage consistent waxing up until the end of your pregnancy. Waxing while pregnant can tend to feel more sensitive. Your body is producing extra blood and fluids to support your growing baby, that extra blood thins the skin making it more sensitive but, we have several ways to make your waxing experience more comfortable with a bump.


Yes! However, due to the increase of hormones and blood flow, your skin and body overall is more sensitive. It is possible that your wax may be more painful around the time of menstruation, but don’t let that stop you from staying consistent and coming in. Have a fresh tampon and don’t worry about tucking!


Do not book your wax unless you have at least 3-4 weeks of untrimmed hair growth, this is in order for the wax to adhere to the roots and remove the hair appropriately. No need to trim hair you think think is “too long”. Wear cotton underwear and loose, comfortable clothing to let the skin breathe, reducing moisture to avoid irritation. Avoid lace underwear and thongs. We do not want the hairs to break or get stuck, this happens when the area is dry and the follicles are clogged with dead skin - Exfoliating beforehand is key for the hairs easy exit. You may take an Advil, Tylenol, etc 2 hours prior to your wax to help with any inflammation of the skin and pain tolerance. Breathe deep, try and Relax. It is my job to help you remain calm and comfortable. There is nothing I have not seen or experienced. In my treatment room, you are treated with respect and should always feel safe. If at any point of the service you don’t feel you can continue, please speak up without hesitation. Feel free to ask any questions that may help put you at ease both before and during the service. note* Because of the different hair growth cycles, sometimes the very first wax may already grow some stubble after a couple of days. Its important to know that it is not the hair waxed already growing back, but another cycle that was still in the skin during waxing. Remember, It takes about 3-4 consistent waxes to get all of those hairs on the same cycle! Do not drink alcohol prior to waxing, alcohol is a stimulant which can cause the skin to be extra sensitive. Alcohol after? Definitely! Make it a Peach Bellini


First, Hairless, smooth skin! Everyone's skin reacts differently to waxing, you can expect to have temporary redness and minor irritation for a day or two. Slight itchiness may be experienced as the hair grows out especially during your first treatments, proper post-wax care will alleviate these symptoms quickly. Aftercare


If you have completed laser treatments you may wax the remaining hair growth as long as its at the appropriate length. You may not wax while in between laser sessions.


Do not get a spray tan for at least 48 hours post wax. immediate application of spray tan can cause irritation on the skin since your pores will be open after waxing. It will take time for the pores to close. It takes about 4-7 days for a spray tan to develop, if you are going to be waxing after a tan, wait at least 4 days to ensure the tan is not removed by the wax.


YES! At The Naked Peach, LLC, we are strict on following the rules and regulations for safety and sanitation. The salon is reviewed by an examiner from the MN State Board of Cosmetology. There is absolutely NO double dipping and NO reuse of disposable implements.


The honest truth is that pulling hair out from the root is going to be painful. Like many things in life, the anticipation is much worse than the actual event. The best way to make your waxing experience less painful is to be regular – you will find that having frequent sessions, every 4 weeks, will not only allow you to have a better overall effect but also it will be less painful. Reminder - there are 3 different stages of hair growth and each stage grows at the same pace. If our hair only had one stage of growth, then all the hair would grow together, fall out together and then, after a month, re-grow…thats what we get to happen with the areas we wax for the best results (not so much our brows and the hairs on our head, if those were all on the same cycle we would be bald & brow-less)


Waxing is temporary hair removal that pulls the hair out from the root, allowing a brand new soft hair to come in its place. It is important to know that hair growth cycles that happen about every 28 days, this is why at least 4 weeks post your last shave is recommended before your first wax. It important to know that it takes about 3-5 consistent waxes (coming in every 4-6 weeks) to see every hair removed and growing in new at the same time. Waxing exposes an open pore, healing and aftercare are vital to ensure smooth, long lasting results. Waxing exfoliates the skin removing dead layers and exposing new skin, is pertinent that you are gentle with the area for the best results.



- Avoid applying heat to the waxed area. This includes hot baths, hot tubs, sauna, and steam (12-24 hours) - No exercising / performing of any activity that may result in an excess amount of sweat If waxed in the Brazilian / bikini area, avoid all sexual activities - Avoid swimming in lakes / pools with chlorine - Avoid sun exposure to the area, absolutely no UV light exposure or tanning bed treatments.


DO NOT SHAVE AFTER OR IN BETWEEN WAXING - Avoid using highly fragranced products in the waxed area. - Avoid using harsh abrasive exfoliants in the wax area (such as a loofah or salt scrub) - Use products to avoid bumps & breakouts recommended by your esthetician twice a day, every day, up until your next wax. - Exfoliate 3x a weak with a gentle recommended scrub.


- Any pinking or redness of the skin should disappear within 12 hours of the waxing treatment. Slight pinking is normal and indicates that the hair was removed from the root, rather than superficially broken off such as with shaving. This is the reason that professional waxing lasts much longer than traditional hair removal at the surface. - Treat your bikini line like the skin on your face. Do not use harsh salt scrubs, these are much too abrasive and perfumed, clogging the open pore and creating the perfect scenario for an ingrown hair.